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» Listings for October 2020

  1. We’re lucky enough to live fairly near ScrapStuff – a brilliant reclaim site which finds new homes for all kinds of things and stops them from becoming landfill. You’re never quite sure what’s going to be there when you go. Our last visit was because we wanted a mannequin, and while we were there we found sample books of upholstery fabrics.

    Bag 9 dots and lines yellow reclaimed fabric project bag wrist strap view 1

    These came home with us and have been turned into project bags. There are some gorgeous fabrics which have been embroidered. There are linens. There are silk blends. There’s a mix of more practical to utterly glamorous. As there’s only enough for one side of a bag you’ll get two colourways on most of the bags and that adds to their charm. Every bag is unique.  We’ve included fabric details with each listing so you’ll know what your fabric is made from.

    Bag 5 mushroom and yellow circles reclaimed fabric project bag wrist strap

    We’ve also restocked bags made with our screen printed designs. We used the last of our precious wool felt and also screen printed on linen. The bags are lined with linen too for an extra special touch.

    short but epic dachshund silver linen screen print project bag wrist strap

    One thing I want from a project bag is that it’s easy to use while I’m on the go – and to help make that easier each bag comes with both a shoulder and wrist strap. These straps can be clipped on and off so you can use whatever suits you best. I know that sometimes I want my hands free for a few moments and the shoulder strap is ideal for that.

    hanging bag good fingering wool felt sqaure

    Until midnight on the 1st of November we’ll be donating £10 for each bag sold to The Trussell Trust. They’re the people behind many of the food banks in the UK and right now we need them more than ever. We’re also donating £20 from each advent calendar sale so if you’re thinking of making a purchase now would be a great time to do so and help raise some money for a brilliant charity.

    2020 bfl silk alpaca advent wheel 3

  2. wrapped mini skeins advent yarn calendar 2020


    Maybe you’ve just seen our advent calendars. Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting one for a while. One of the most common questions we get asked is “What can I do with the mini skeins?” It’s a great question – and the answer is lots.

    good fingering skein wooden box engraved advent calander gift diagonal

    Let’s start with what’s in the advent calendar box.

    You’ll receive 24 x 10 gram skeins of our 4ply BFL, mulberry silk and baby alpaca yarn. That gives you 960 meters of yarn in total.

    As the 24 skeins are dyed to form a colour wheel you could work from one colour to the next, joining the, in as you go and end up with a beautiful gradient. This would work especially well for scarves and shawls.

    2020 bfl silk alpaca advent wheel 2

    What if you want to mix things up?

    I took our Rainbow crochet linen stitch cowl pattern and a set of advent mini skeins and ended up with this.

    2020 bfl silk alpaca advent wheel crochet linen stitch cowl 1

    The original pattern uses a set of 12 mini skeins and a contrast 100 gram skein. I used the first 12 colours as one set and the 2nd 12 colours (13-24) as the other set, and crocheted until there wasn’t enough yarn for another round.

    bfl silk alpaca postcard front

    Working with the colours in this way meant there was always plenty of contrast as I was working across the colour wheel. I wanted to use as much yarn as possible, so I worked each mini skein until it ran out, then joined in the next colour. Joins are easy to hide in this fabric and it meant I was left with a couple of meters of colours 23 and 24.

    2020 bfl silk alpaca advent wheel crochet linen stitch cowl 6

    You can find the pattern here.

    Our advent calendars are ready to post (unless you want to personalise the box in which case we’ll need an extra day or two). So if you’re looking for something to work on through December then this could be ideal for you.

    Want your own advent calendar? Get it here.