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  1. When we first introduced our wooden needle gauges they were an immediate hit. Now they’re back and they’re even better.

    Walnut wood needle gauge

    Isn’t that solid walnut gorgeous?

    Our needle gauges still fit into neat little tins. They swivel open in a pleasing way.

    You’ll find needle gauges as part of this Thursday’s shop update. Make sure you never miss an update by signing up for our newsletter.

  2. One of my favourite yarn shows is just a couple of weeks away.

    Leeds Wool Festival takes place on 1st of June at Armley Mills.

    What makes it special? Armley Mills used to be the biggest woollen mill in the world, and there’s lots of equipment still on display.

    There’s usually an exhibition to see – this year it’s Queens of Industry.

    There’s a cinema straight from the 1920s.

    There are alpacas.

    And there’s yarn. Lots of it. Leeds Wool Festival allocate the same table space to each exhibitor, so there are lots of smallish stalls rather than a few big ones. As an exhibitor it’s great to get to set up in the middle of all of the exhibits.

    So if you’re anywhere close to Leeds on Saturday 1st June then come and say hello.