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  1. First an apology. I sent out a newsletter last Thursday letting everyone know that we had new mini skein sets. However I completely failed to put the same information on the blog, and I know that’s where many of you look for updates.

    So to recap – we wanted to offer mini skeins in a yarn base that didn’t contain nylon – and we’ve opted for the BFL Masham base.

    I love this base for lots of reasons – it’s a pure wool which isn’t superwash treated, so it’s kind to the environment. The yarn is spun in Yorkshire and all the wool comes from UK flocks. That and it’s gorgeously soft and bouncy stuff, making it ideal for shawls, sweaters and mitts.

    Each set has 120 grams and 480 meters of yarn split evenly between 12 colours.

    You can find these mini skein sets here.

    Then onto what I should be telling you about.

    More colours.

    More mini skeins.

    These are dyed on our Britsock base, so there’s a bit of nylon which makes the yarn harder wearing and more suitable for socks.

    You can find these mini skein sets here.

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