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» Listings for August 2018

  1. No biscuits were harmed in the making of this update. Eaten yes. Harmed – no!

    Thank you to everyone who has already snapped up a skein or cake of our caramel wafer inspired Biscuit Delight.


    We’ve dyed up more of these.

    And there’s more. Or MOAR as the lovely KnitBritish who inspired this colourway would say.


    This Is Not A Cake in self striping and same difference.

    Finally a yarn based on a mythical thing that I have heard of but never seen.


    I have no idea how I’ve managed to miss these -I’m much more of a dark chocolate fan so it sounds like my dream biscuit.

    The internet has provided pictures – but I’d still sooner see the proof with my own eyes.


    The Mythical Biscuit in self striping and same difference options.

    As before we’ll be donating £5 from each yarn cake or same difference set sold to The Migraine Trust.

    The yarns above will be in the shop at 1900 UK time on Friday 31st August, so if you’re browsing before then you won’t see them.

  2. Glove and mitten blockers are being added to the shop tomorrow.


    They’ll be available in both birchwood ply and clear perspex (perfect for the floating mitten look).


    The blockers come with stands so you can pop them out of the way on a window ledge, and air can circulate freely round them.


    There’s a movable thumb so it’s easy to get the glove or mitten on.


    There’s a separate insert for the top so you have a rounded edge for blocking mittens.


    Blockers come as a pair and are supplied in a screen printed drawstring bag.


    Initially blockers will be available in 3 sizes. To work out which size suits you best measure round your hand just below your knuckles.

    Large blockers suit hands up to 19.5cm / 7.75 in

    Medium blockers suit hands up to  18cm / 7in

    Small blockers suit hands up to 16cm / 6.25in


    The blockers go on sale at 1900 UK time on Friday 16th August, so if you’re browsing before then you won’t see them in the shop.