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  1. We decided that we’d go against the Black Friday cheap deals and hard sell by running a White Friday offer instead.

    So 50% of all our online sales from Thursday until 1700 yesterday were donated to Shelter and Stonewall.

    We’ve just finished packing the last of the orders, so everything (apart from the clubs) will be posted later today.

    We raised £1927.72 to be donated – so because there’s little I love more than a beautifully round number we’ll top that up by £72.28 and donate £1000 to both Stonewall and Shelter. That feels like the most fantastic thing to be able to do, and it’s money that will make a real difference.

    Thank you so, so much to everyone who shopped. We couldn’t so this without you.

    Thanks again from us both

    Joy & Bobbie

  2. 50% of our online sales until 1700 on Sunday 26th November will be donated to charity. We’ll be supporting two charities who do amazing work – Shelter and Stonewall. We’re incredibly fortunate – we’ve had a great year and it’s lovely to be able to do this.

    Black Friday doesn’t work for us – and it doesn’t work for any of the indy maker businesses I know and love. So we’re going with White Friday.

    If you’re looking for some yarn, a project bag or a place in the 2018 clubs then pop over to the website and shop.

    Otherwise I’d suggest that the perfect antidote to the frantic rush of Black Friday shopping is some quiet knitting (or crochet).