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  1. I love knitted hats, so it’s not surprising that I’m a huge Woolly Wormhead fan.

    Hats and hand dyed yarns are a winning combination. A skin of yarn will make a hat for most heads. If you’re used to knitting socks hats seem to fly off the needles in comparison – and in theory you only need to knit one.

    Woolly’s latest pattern collection is Circled.

    4 gorgeous hats.

    And more.

    A lot, lot more.

    Woolly’s website is often my first stop if I’m looking for a ‘how to’ on a knitting technique. This book is a goldmine of information with several tutorials. Of course you’re going to want to knit the hats, but I suspect you’ll be referring to this book often.

    You can find out more and buy the book here

    Full disclosure – Woolly sent me an electronic copy of this book, but I’ll be buying a paper copy to add to my reference knitting books. I’d have blogged about the book in equally glowing terms if I’d had to hand over cash first.

    Images copyright Woolly Wormhead