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  1. You know the saying that if you want something done ask a busy woman? I reckon the person who coined that has met Anna Elliot.

    Anna designs under the lovely name of Audrey’s Tea Shop – and her website is well worth a look.

    Anyway -back to the busyness. About a month ago I contacted Anna to ask if she’d like to think about designing something with one of our colour wheel sets. And almost immediately there was a plan which we decided needed to become a design. Moments later there were incredible swatches and progress shots. It’s almost as if there weren’t really a million other things happening for Anna and her family at the same time. She’s awesome.

    Before long there was Sonia


    And then we wondered how another colourway would look.


    The pattern is available to buy on Ravelry – and we’ll have the original hats plus paper patterns and yarn at Yarndale.



  2. If you love gradient sets but aren’t quite sure how to get the best out of them help is at hand.

    Carol Feller has just published Knitting with Rainbows.

    The book explored gradient sets and offers 11 patterns so there’s loads of inspiration.

    You can see all of the designs in a video of the photoshoot.

    One of the designs uses a set of Britsock Take Five mini skeins.


    Image Copyright Joseph Feller

    Carol says “Fenn’s Quay is a long cowl which is the perfect length to wrap around your neck twice, and drapes perfectly. Knit in the round, the biased stitch pattern looks great with gradient yarns. You’ll find lots of tips for making full use of your gradient yarn kit.”