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  1. I often hear from customers that they’re not confident about putting colours together. It can be tricky to work how colours will look next to each other, especially if you’re trying to look at photos on a small screen.

    I’m fascinated by how colours look together, and how they look different when they’re paired with similar or highly contrasting colours.

    Diagonapples by Anna Maltz is the perfect pattern to play with colour. Anna’s original design used tapesty wool, so there are hundreds of possible colours to choose from.

    I wanted to use this pattern with 4ply mini skeins. The yarn is a bit thicker than Anna’s original yarn, however the pattern gives lots of help about substituting yarns. To make sure that I didn’t run out of yarn I worked one stripe less of the set up, and knitted the main part of the scarf on 79 rather than 99 stitches.

    Version 1 was knitted in 4ply British wool and nylon and used 3 sets of mini skeins so I had a large colour wheel which transitioned gently from one colour to the next.




    I used the skeins in order, so the colours shift gradually across the length of the scarf.

    Version 2 used the same colours, although this time I picked Britsock.




    I laid the colours out into colour wheel order, then used skein 1, skein 19, skein 2, skein 20 and so on – so each colour was followed by the one opposite it on the colour wheel for maximum contrast. I worked this scarf with 35 rather than 36 colours because I wanted the two ends to contrast. By the time you knit the last stripe you’re back to where you started on the colour wheel, so missing the last colour out meant I finished with a pink rather than another green.


    I love this pattern – it’s perfect mindless knitting which produces something glorious.

    Anna has just flown off to Australia and you can catch up with her at The Craft Sessions and take a class at 4 locations – all the details are here.