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  1. As part of my week at Leed Art College I did a day of cyanotype print making with Alex Gaites. Alex was a brilliant teacher – she had masses of examples and ideas and really pushed us to get the most out of the day.

    Cyanotypes are a fun way to print – you paint a solution onto fabric or paper, and let it dry, keeping it away from light. Plus they’re blue – and I love blue.

    To make the print you can either sit things on top of your fabric or paper and let the sun develop the print, or , if you’re lucky enough to be at Leeds Art College, you can use their exposure unit which is a lot LOT faster. The parts where the light touches the fabric or paper will be ble, and the parts which the light can’t touch stay white. You don’t see this until you wash the print – and there’s the magic of watching the colour appear.

    My first batch of prints didn’t work as the mix of chemicals in the solution wasn’t quite right – so after a bit of washing fabric out and coating it again it was time to play.


    Boucle yarn


    Sewing machine bobbins.

    These weren’t right on top of hte exposure light, and you can see the shadow this has created.


    Scissors and pins. My beloved Merchant and Mills paper scissors in fact.


    A little bit of sewing – I love that you can even see the eye in the needle.


    Knitted fabric.

    This is the same bit of knitting which I used to make a screen for printing.


    I love how the areas where the knitting is folded are so different to the single layer.

    I loved this as a way of making prints and the possibilities seem endless.

    So watch this space.