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  1. I see a lot of talk about juggling in my social media feeds.

    We’re busy people. We do lots of different things. We fill a lot of roles between getting up and going to bed. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, and that even an extra pair of hands would struggle to get everything done.

    Juggling means something a little different to me.


    I learnt to juggle years ago when I was doing an MBA with the Open University. It’s one of these things that I enjoy, and I always hope to make more time for. Juggling is great for creating thinking time, and for making space for good ideas to develop. It’s also good exercise as it can involve a fair bit of picking things up.

    So I have a plan.


    A second set of juggling balls will be coming to live at the workshop, and I can add some extra entertainment to my day.

    What does juggling mean to you?

  2. It would be fair to say that I love cook books. Some just make great reading. Others guarantee a tasty dinner (pretty much anything by Nigel Slater). When it comes to books about baking I want something special – something that makes it worth stepping away from guaranteed winners.

    I’d looked at Homemade Memories by Kate Doran when it first arrived in my local bookshop, and everything about it appealed to me.How can you fail to love a book with a recipe for homemade jaffa cakes? I’m planning a batch with a campari and blood orange jelly.

    homemade memories

    So it came home, I spent a lovely afternoon reading and plotting.

    Then I made wholemeal digestive biscuits.


    This is batch 2. Batch 1 only lasted long enough for a quick instagram snap.

    I made a couple of very minor changes to Kate’s recipe. I swapped the sugar for coconut sugar, just to see how it would work. Instead of rolling the dough out I shaped it into a log before chilling it, then cut slices.

    The results are completely delicious – and lend themselves to some enhancement too. I think these would be amazing with some ginger – or without the sugar and with some cheese instead. I’d say these are a cross between a digestive and a hob-nob. They have a wonderfully short texture, but they’re not so fragile that they crumble when you pick them up.

    It’s almost time for batch 3 so we have biscuits for the biscuit tin at work.

    Happy baking.