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  1. There are lots of ways of classifying things. Of sorting things out and putting them into order.

    However when it comes to things in my workroom there are two rather unusual categories.

    Things that vanish

    – Tape measures.

    – Paper scissors. Not my good fabric scissors which I can always put my hand on. But scissors for cutting up labels, cutting out paper patterns – many pairs have gone into hiding, never to be seen again.

    – 2mm double pointed sock pins. There’s a gap between how many pairs I can find and how many pairs I’ve bought which would keep an average sized knitting group in pins for years.

    – Darning needles.

    – Pencils. Propelling pencils. Basic pencils. My lovely tin of derwent sketching pencils. The only pencil which bucks this trend is the 2 inch stump of ikea pencil which has been happy to live in my workroom for years.

    Things that breed

    – Burda sewing magazines. They are published once a month. I only keep them when I’m fairly sure there’s a pattern I want to make. So they must be breeding faster than rabbits.

    – Little snippets of yarn. I don’t finish nearly as many projects as the little snippets of yarn would indicate. Perhaps my missing scissors are wrecking havoc in my yarn stash. That is a truly horrible thought.

    – Fine sewing needles. While I’d struggle to find a darning needle I could lay my hands on at least 30 fine needles without having to stand up.

    – Fabric. I’d love the excuse that the breeds, but I need to sew faster and stay away from tempting fabric shops. I also need to get over the idea that my fabric is too precious to cut into.

    – Fountain pens. It could be worse. Lamy fountain pens are fairly cheap and it means I have lots of colours of ink to play with. Life would be boring with just black ink.

    What vanishes and breeds in your life?