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  1. I started knitting the hexipuffs which make up The Beekeeper’s Quilt way back in August 2011. Each little hexipuff is a delight to knit, and I quickly decided that I’d like to sew my hexipuffs together and cover a very dull sofa which lives in my workroom. Looking at my ravelry projects I’d guess that I probably finished knitting these in 2012 – and then they sat in a box waiting for me to get round to sewing them together.



    Somehow I imagined that sewing these together was going to be a terrible job – the kind of thing that went on for months. I could see that I’d want to sort out an order and that it was quite possible that piles of hexipuffs would sit on the floor for weeks and weeks and weeks.

    Then over on Ravelry the lovely Leanne posted about how quickly she’d sewn her hexipuffs together – ok so it was 8 hexipuffs but it was quick – and I thought I’d give it a go. Actually I thought that if it turned out to be a terrible job I might try to persuade Bobbie that she would like it. She enjoys darning in ends on otherwise finished projects so there was a chance that this might work. Plus it would cover up a really horrible sofa and it would empty a large plastic box. Win, win and win.

    So last Friday afternoon I sorted the sets of hexipuffs out into rainbows, club sets which had co-ordinating semi solid and multi colours and random sets. 55 sets of 21 hexipufs.


    Day 1 sewing


    Day 2 sewing


    Day 3 sewing at home on the sofa


    So that’s stage 1 done. Stage 2 is to cover the sides and the arms of the sofa.

    Turns out that sewing these together (I used quilt ties) is a really satisfying job. Progress was slowed because as the quilt grew. every time I laid it flat to arrange the next set of colours Bobbie would lie on it – it’s just such a lovely tactile thing. There has been mention of making a smaller version of these for our nieces, but I’m hoping I can distract her with some cute fluffy toys instead.

    I’m so looking forward to having this finished. It’s going to be such a cheerful place to sit and knit.