what about Brexit?

We now know that the UK will leave the EU  on the 31st of December 2020. For now that means business as ususal. As more information becomes available we'll update this age again.

If you are in the UK then there won’t suddenly be any extra charges involved in getting your parcel to you. It isn’t leaving the UK. If you pay for the full year of clubs in advance or choose to be invoiced for each payment then your price is fixed for 2020.

If you live outside the EU then you already get VAT exclusive prices when you shop with us. Again that won’t change. We’ll still fill in a customs form for your parcel and it will still go through customs. Again your prices for 2020 will be fixed.

For customers inside the EU but not in the UK we need to continue to charge VAT on your orders. Customs forms are not required and there will be no extra charges when your parcel reaches you.

It still feels like a mess . I’m furious for every single business that’s trying to work its way through what we need to be doing to keep things running smoothly. I’m angry that we’re expected to put plans on hold because we don’t know what’s coming. We have no idea what trade deals will be negotiated or when this will happen. We’re as organised as we can be for whatever is coming, and we'll keep up to date with the possible new requirements for exporting.