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Britsilk is a fantastic yarn which has been custom spun for us in the UK by John Arbon - it's our beautiful Britsock yarn with silk instead of nylon.

Britsilk contains 40% British Bluefaced Leicester, 20% British Wensleydale, 20% British Alpaca and 20% silk. Both wools and alpaca come from UK flocks. The wools and alpaca were processed in the UK, and the yarn was spun in Devon.

Britsilk was created for shine and drape. It shows individual stitches and textures beautifully. This yarn wasn't created with sock in mind - the qualities which encourage it to drape mean it has less bounce and grip than my  ideal sock yarn does.

Britsilk isn't superwash treated, so we'd recommend handwashing to keep it looking it's best. 

Britsilk is available in semi solid and multi colours.

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