Wooden Stitch Markers - Shop

Our stitch markers are screen printed onto birch plywood, then laser cut before having tiny safety pins added to them. The pins mean the markers are perfect for crochet as thet can open. If you're using the markers in knitting you can turn the pin round so the catch sits snuggly in the hole of the stitch marker - or leave us a note when you order and we'll do that for you.

Each set of 12 stitch markers will come on a book ring, so they're kept safe when not being used.

The birch ply is 3mm thick, so it's sturdy yet light. We source our wood from a uk supplier who sources from sustainably planted wood. Printing is done with a water based ink which is eco frinedly and soil assocition approved. The ink is then heat set, so a little bit of moisture won't be a problem.