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A soft yet hardworking blend of 75% Blue Faced Leicester and 25% nylon.

The wool is sourced from UK flocks before being processed and spun in Yorkshire.

Each yarn cake is approximately 100g / 395m

This yarn can be machine washed at up to 30°C - however to keep your yarn and finished item looking as good as possible for as long as possible we do recommend hand washing. If you do decide to machine wash your garment please take time to check a sample first. We've tested this yarn in our machine (an Indesit) with Ecover detergent and it was fine - but machines and detergents do vary so please check before committing a finished garment to the washing machine.

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 photo 712A0433_zpstis1tmsb.jpg

 The sock shown was knitted on 64 stitches and 2mm needles, and there are 3 or 4 rounds of colour in each stripe. 

Let's be Transparent

Made from Blue Faced Leicester wool and nylon.

The wool in this yarn has been superwash treated so it can be machine washed and won’t felt.

Good things to know

The wool in this yarn comes from British flocks and is processed and spun in the UK. This means that animals are protected by UK welfare standards and the environment is protected by laws on chemical use and disposal of waste.

Using wool from UK flocks also cuts down on the miles that are travelled before your finished yarn reaches you.

This yarn is machine washable (use an wool wash and 30 degrees C) however handwashing your knitwear will keep it looking its best for longer.

Things to think about

The wool in this yarn is superwash treated. That means that it’s been through an acid bath to remove the scales which can felt together.

This yarn contains nylon. While nylon is great for adding strength to sock yarns it is a plastic and can shed microfibers. Handwashing your garment reduces the amount of friction and the amount of shedding.

Use this yarn

This yarn is brilliant for socks and garments as it’s hardwearing and won’t felt. It’s a good choice if you’re making a gift and aren’t sure if the recipient will hand wash it.

Choose something else?

If you’re making something which doesn’t need the strength from nylon and isn’t going to be machine washed then have a look at a pure wool or wool, silk and alpaca blend.

If you’re making socks and want to avoid the nylon have a look at our BFL and mohair blend.