Our 2021 Yarn Clubs Celebrate British Wool

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Our 2021 yarn club is open - and it's a celebration of British wool. 

There are three yarn choices - Britsock, BFL nylon and a 100% BFL. The last choice is a new yarn for us. we wanted a pure wool yarn, and this one is stunning. 

There are four choices about how we dye your yarn - semi solid, splodge, multi colour - and for this year a self striping sock yarn (that's been a very popular choice). You can chose however many skeins you'd like in any combination. You can choose 4 skeins of the same yarn or 2 different styles. We want you to be able to choose what works best for you.

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These were colours in the 2020 yarn club - so semi solid, splodge and multi colour. The colours are designed to work together for stress free colour combining.

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We've had a couple of emails asking what a splodge yarn was. Splodge yans are our version of speckles. They're a bit bolder. There are bigger splashes of colour. So each club splodge will have little sections of three colours and a lot of the main colour.

What are splodge yarns good for? Splodge yarns are perfect when you want to add more colur to a project but you don't want a multi coloured yarn (where the colour changes are much more regular). Projects like shawls allow splodge yarns to sparkle - and they also make delightful socks.

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Our clubs work by sending you yarn every other month. Most of our customers choose to pay for the whole year up front (that saves you 10%) - but you can just as easily pay for one parcel at a time. We're happy to invoice you so you never miss out, or you can sign up for a single parcel.

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When will the 2021 clubs close? We'll stop taking sign ups for the January club on 23rd December. That lets us get everything organised and ready to post by the 18th of January. For customers in the EU we're happy to wait until 1st January to invoice you - you'll find more details about that in listings for the EU clubs.

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