10 Reasons to Knit Socks

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  1. Those crazy colours that clash with your hair will look amazing on your feet.
  2. You don’t have to worry about not buying enough yarn. 100 grams of 4 ply sock yarn will make socks for most feet.
  3. You can choose any level of challenge from perfectly simple to socks so complex that they make your brain cells squeak.
  4. Nothing is as comfortable or warm as a pair of hand knit socks.
  5. There are fabulous sock designers with patterns which will delight and entertain you. Some of my favourites are Rachel Coopey and Claire Devine 
  6. Socks are a perfectly portable project.
  7. Even with an expensive sock yarn a pair of socks is still an affordable project.
  8. sock yarns are wonderfully easy to substitute so there’s a good chance that your favourite yarn and favourite pattern will work together.
  9. Turning a heel is amazing the first time you do it. Turning a heel is still amazing 20 socks later.
  10. Most socks generate leftover yarn which can be used for contrasting heels and toes. This produces extra bright socks which is a good thing.

Why do you knit socks?

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