10 Reasons to Knit Socks Now

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1. It’s Socktober.

2. It’s getting colder. Warm socks are going to be needed soon.

3. My beloved other half has decided that she needs new socks. What she really means is that I need to knit socks from the mound of scarps left over from winding mini skeins for Yarndale. Very colourful socks. This is ok, as it won’t be my job to darn in the ends.

4. I have a copy of Socks Volume 2 by Rachel Coopey and I want to knit everything in it.

5. I don’t have to crawl about on the floor to knit socks. I will have to crawl about on the floor if I want to cut out fabric. First I will need to clear enough space to crawl about in. It would be easier to knit.

6. Knitting goes well with tea and biscuits.

7. Knitting also goes well with gin.

8. I’ve just found the new Squeeze album on Spotify, so I’d be very happy to sit still for an hour or so.

9. There’s something deeply soothing about the simple process of knitting a tube. Soothing is always good.

10. I’m working on several ideas – and sock knitting is good thinking time.

Why do you knit socks?

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