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One of my aims for 2016 is to expand my baking repertoire a bit. I’ll have a go at most things, but I find myself making the same favourites over and over again.

So each month I’m gong to bake a new to me recipe.

One of my favourite food blogs is The Little Loaf . So when Kate mentioned apple , maple and walnut cookies  in her end of year review I’d found my first new recipe.

There’s lots to love about this recipe. It includes spelt flour, oats, apple and walnuts, so it’s not pure sugar, flour and butter.

The recipe specifies groundnut oil, but as we were given a huge tub of coconut oil I used that instead. We didn’t have maple syrup, so I used the standard golden stuff.

The recipe tells you to grate the apple. Usually I’d have no problem with that, but our grater was condemned to the bin last week and we’ve still to replace it. So my apple was chopped into chunks – and fairly hefty chunks as by the time I’d hunted for the grater I just wanted to get this done and in the oven.

I was aware that instead of grated apple to help the dough stick together I’d created more  texture with the lumps of apple, so after rolling the dough into balls I squashed them onto the baking sheet in the hope this would make them stay together.


Complete success.

These taste just like apple crumble. They’d be perfect crumbled and scattered over ice cream.

The recipe makes about 15 cookies – perfect for something that isn’t going to keep for too long because of the apple.

I’m already planning another batch of these, and I’ll use maple syrup as I think that will make them even more delicious.

You can find the recipe here

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