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There are so many amazing things about the internet that sometimes I can’t quite remember how I kept myself entertained before it came along.

One of the first things I do most mornings is to catch up on the blogs I follow. It’s a nice way to ease into the morning, and there’s usually something which sparks new ideas too.

Here are five of my favourites.

My Life In Knitwear

Home of my friend Rachel’s lovely blog. There’s knitting, baking, ballet, reviews – and recently the adventures of producing yarn.

The Little Loaf

My favourite foodie blog right now – and guaranteed to be free from dreadful concoctions claiming to be worth consuming as they are ‘clean eating’. Kate has a lovely knack of writing crystal clear instructions for things you’ll make again and again.


A treasure trove of tricks, tips and techniques. Well worth following just as a reminder of a good place to look next time you want to know how to do something.

Attic 24

Home of lots of crochet. Lucy’s blog is a riot of colour – and for me there’s the added treat that she lives not far from us so I recognise lots of the places she blogs about.


A wonderful blog filled with a combination of hilarity and common sense. I found this when someone on ravelry mentioned it in connection with the Great British Bake Off. The annual commentary is wonderful fun, but there’s lots more good stuff here. And there’s a tortoise.


As well as catching up on blogs I’m a fan of podcasts. They tend to provide the sound track to large parts of my working day. So while I’m being encouraged to settle down with a drink and some knitting I’m often screen printing or reskeining yarn – but they’re wonderful company.

Knit British

Louise has a love of all things woolly and British, and this podcast is a real love letter to both. There’s something wonderfully soothing about this, and it’s one of my favourite things to listen to.


A new podcast which features interviews with all kinds of makers. It’s great to hear people talk about what’s worked for them, and what they’d have avoided if only they’d known better.


With the tag line “the hidden side of everything” this is the perfect antidote to one sided reporting. Each episode takes one topic and looks at it from multiple angles.


Knitting, hilarity and the trials of owning a victorian house. Jo usually has me chuckling away within the first minute with her lovely sense of humour.

What are your favourite blogs and podcasts?

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