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Having loved going to college last term I decided that this year I’d pick a different subject, and signed up for a photography course with Alex Gaines. I’m very guilty of being lazy and using the automatic settings on my camera, so five weeks of being forced out of this comfort zone felt like a good plan.

So far so good.

Then Bobbie and I decided that we wanted to print bigger things – and that meant that I really needed the exposure unit at Leeds Art College. So I’ve signed up for another 10 weeks of screen printing too. It means I can pick the brains of the course tutor Kirstie Williams, get lots done and catch up with my friend Jo.

Again so far so good.

And then yesterday I got an email reminder that I’d signed up for a course in running a sustainable fashion business. It starts this week. Thankfully the course is online – it’s delivered via Future Learn so there’s no specific time I need to be doing anything. I love FutureLearn. They have a wide range of courses, and I’ve studied programming, business development and psychology with them in the last year. I have no plans to start a fashion business, but I’d like to know more about resources for sustainable fashion, so the new course looks perfect.

All of a sudden it feels like back to school with a vengeance. Let’s just say that I’ll be organising my time very well over the next few weeks to fit everything in.



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