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On Saturday we were at a friend’s wedding.

Our present to the couple was their wedding cake.

The actual cake part was easy, and as always when a fruit cake is needed I opted for the sticky date and prune cake. Bobbie took over cake feeding duties, then we managed to restrain ourselves from eating all of the marzipan before it got near the cake.


I knew that the bride’s bouquet was going to me made from enamelled flowers, so that was the starting off point for my cake decoration.

Had I been better organised I’d have begged for lessons from my lovely friend Clare who makes and decorates stunning cakes. Then I’d have made masses of flowers from icing.

Instead I went with what I knew – glass.

Glass flowers.



It turns out that was the easy part of the cake decoration. I didn’t want to stick lots of wire into a cake which would then be cut – so I used a cake dummy. I’d been oblivious to the existence of cake dummies until I was in our local baking shop buying ribbon.

I’m sure there’s an easy way to get icing to stick to polystyrene but I failed to find it. To add to the entertainment value I have a real hatred of polystyrene. It sets my teeth on edge in the way that fingernails dragged down a blackboard do. Only worse.

So there was a great deal of relief when the iced block could be left to dry.



Then came the task of sticking wire into polystyrene and trying not to squeal every time it made a noise. I cam close to needing a stiff drink after that!



It was totally worth all of the horror.



So here’s wishing every happiness to my friends. Thank you for making us part of such an amazing day.

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