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First up this week- one good turn deserves another.


A couple of weeks ago my friend Lily helped with the shearing of the Poll Dorset flock which will form part of our first Yorkshire yarn. She tidied and rolled fleeces. She made some truly amazing faces when she came across the especially grotty bits of fleece. She got dragged across a field by a sheep. At the end of it all she was still smiling. Goodness knows why.

At the moment Lily is raising money to go to to Guide Jamboree. So as a thank you for all her hard work I offered to dye up a colourway of her choice. The money from the sale of these skeins (less what goes to the VAT man) will be going to Lily’s fundraising. I’m classing it as a down payment om having her help again next year.

The special colourway is called Jamboree, and there are 5 skeins in each of 2 bases.


4ply British wool and nylon


4ply Britsock

Also in this week’s update are some new scrap balls.


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