2018 - What's New?

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What’s new? Lots of things.

Lots of lovely new things.

Yarn first – we’ll be launching two new yarns in the next couple of months.

The first will be a no nylon sock yarn spun from superwash BFL and mohair. I’ll be blogging more about why we’ve gone for that particular combination soon.

The second new yarn is a retake on Britsilk – we had a batch spun, everyone loved it and the name confused lots of people who thought it should be a sock yarn. It wasn’t. Batch one was spun by the lovely John and Juliet Arbon – and it meant that we used some of our production slots for Britsock.

So batch 2 is different. It won’t be called Britsilk – so there should be less confusion. It’s a wool, alpaca and silk blend which is being spun with shawls and garments in mind. Given this the fiber blend will change a little – instead of adding Wensleydale for strength we’re having extra BFL for an even lovelier handle. We’re having this batch spun by Laxtons in Yorkshire, so we’re thinking of a new name which recognises this.

As we’ve freed up production slots with John Arbon we finally have plenty of Britsock- and that means I can start playing with lots of new colour wheels.

We’ve sold stitch markers for years, and we’ll be adding some new designs to the shop in time for this Thursday’s shop update.

The stitch markers are in sets and come in a handy little tin – perfect for popping in your bag.


Finally for now there will be a new bag design – based on the roll top design and made from waterproof duck canvas. The duck canvas is manufactured in the UK.

Lots of good things.

2018 is going to be a good year.

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