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Seeing your work being copied is a sad fact of life for most creative people.

Not seeing someone take your idea, play with and transform it into something different. That’s a fun and wonderful thing. That’s being inspired by something.

But watching someone take your idea and turn it into a second rate imitation of what it started as. That sucks. We’ve been on the receiving end of that, and there’s often very little you can do.

These days copycats have it easy. We share so much of what we make online that a few mouse clicks or taps of a screen provide more ideas than your average copycat is going to pull off in months. It means that we’re all likely to see lots of images of the kind of work we do – and that can have an impact on what we finally make.

So usually being copied is met with an eye roll – and the honest assessment that some so called creatives aren’t very creative at all. Or that it’s similar and coincidences happen.

And then sometimes something happens that makes copying a lot less easy to dismiss. A lot nastier. A lot more mean spirited.

A little while ago Countess Ablaze dyed up a couple of colourways in response to a idiotic request. A proportion of the price of each skein sold was donated to charity and more than £3k was raised. Excellent stuff.

Then it all went wrong.

Another dyer (who I won’t name because she deserves absolutely no publicity) posted a picture of her knitting with the Countess Ablaze charity yarn. She didn’t name the yarn in the main wording of her post , although she did tag #countessablaze (after she’d tagged pretty much everything else she could – lets not give undue credit here). There was lots of admiration for it – and I can only imagine that she was less than thrilled that the people who follow her on instagram were more enthusiastic about this yarn than anything else she was posting. Several people asked what yarn it was and where they could buy it – and they didn’t get an answer.

The yarn isn’t available from Countess Ablaze any more – it was a limited run and it’s finished.

So this sad excuse for a creative being decided that what she would do was to attempt to copy the colourway and put it up for sale.

How lacking in creativity do you have to be to rip off a yarn that another dyer has just done for a charity?

Sad stuff. Pathetic.

In response to this Countess Ablaze has launched the Tits Out Collective! – you can read more about it here

It’s going to be amazing. More details soon.

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