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There’s lots of colour in store for Friday at 1900 as we’ve restocked all One Farm Yarn. One Farm Yarn was created with fleece from two sheep breeds (BFL and the wonderfully named North County Mule). The wool comes from a very local farm and the whole journey from shearing through scouring, carding and spinning and dyeing took less than 80 miles.


One Farm Yarn is a proper woolly wool. I’ve used it for shawls and sweaters, and I’m currently resisting  the temptation to keep the teal skein shown at the very top.Well all of the teal skeins because they’d make a gorgeous sweater.


One Farm Yarn was spun for us in Yorkshire by Laxtons.


The wool isn’t superwash treated, so it’s kinder to the environment. I’m especially thrilled that we were able to use the North County Mule fiber which is beautiful but which doesn’t have a great commercial value to the wool board. So that meant the farm made a bit more money and we got gorgeous fleece.


The last photo is the neutrals in the range which blend perfectly with other more colourful yarns. Or you could have a sophisticated fade…….

The yarns shown above will be in the shop from 1900 on Friday 10th November, so if you’re browsing before then you won’t see them.

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