Black Friday? Or White Friday?

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If you’re anything like me your inbox will have been filling up with Black Friday offers for what feels like weeks.

I’m not a huge fan of black Friday – and now it seems to be heading towards being Black November I like it even less.

If there’s something you need and you can get it a bit cheaper then that’s great – but creating a sense that failing to buy right this minute means you’ve lost out isn’t good. Pushing stuff that no one wants or needs isn’t making anyone happier. Inflating prices for a few weeks so you can offer amazing discounts isn’t giving anyone a great deal.

I’ve also seen a fair few posts from indie makers saying they feel pressurised into doing a Black Friday offer because customers expect it.

So we’re not doing Black Friday. We’re doing what we did last year and having White Friday.

From a minute past midnight on Friday 23rd November until midnight on Sunday 25th of November we’ll be donating 50% of everything we sell to charity.  In 2018 we’ll be splitting the money between two charities – Stonewall and Trussell Trust who are behind many of the food banks in the UK, including the one that’s local to us.

So if you’ve been thinking about a yarn club, or some new sock yarn or a skein of smooshy loveliness for a hat then making that purchase in the next three days will help two brilliant charities.

Thank you.

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