Different Colours for the Otley Shawl

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One of the delights of a yarn show is watching people’s eyes light up when they spot the perfect colour combination.

When we set up our display for shows we’re not overly concerned about what colours sit together. We’ll make sure that all everything is grouped by yarn type – so you’ll find Britsock with Britsock, BFL Masham with BFL Masham and so on. What we don’t so is spend a lot of time organising the display into a succession of rainbows. It’s very tempting, at least in theory. However a random mix of beautiful colours makes it easier to spot new and interesting colour combinations.

I thought it would be interesting to showcase some alternative colour combinations for the Otley shawl.

The Otley shawl is one of the designs from our newest book Wist Tha Bahn? The original shawl uses a skein of DK BFL Masham in silver and a set of Teal Collection mini skeins.

We had another sample at the show knitted in a skein of silver and a set of Grey Collection mini skeins.

One popular combination at the show was the Green mini skein set combined with a large skein of Grellow. It was so popular that we didn’t bring any of the Grellow home. The Green mini skeins also work well with the Walnut colourway, and there’s something about this combination which suggests it would be perfect for a nature lover.

If you’re a fan of more colour have a look at the Circus Collection mini skein set. They work well with coal, silver or navy. I might be biased, but I think navy works with everything.

The Teal Collection mini skeins used in the original shawl look good with teal or navy. The teal would give you a beautifully subtle shawl.

I’m eyeing up a set of the Pink to Turquoise mini skeins for a future project and I’d consider teal or berry as brilliant contrast colours.

Lots of options. What’s you favourite?

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