Simmer Blink Shawl Pattern

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A few weeks ago Robynn Weldon released Simmer Blink. The original uses our One Farm Yarn mini skeins and a contrast skien of BFL Mohair.

The One Farm Yarn mini skein sets each have 5 x 20 gram skeins, and I wondered if the pattern would work with a set of 12 x 10g mini skeins instead.

So I wound up a set of 4ply BFL Masham mini skeins (primary tones colourwheel), and a skein of BFL Masham in silver and cast on.

One of the lovely things about this pattern is that Robynn gives you lots of options for playing with colour and making changes.

So I started with the silver and then worked some stripes in the first six mini skein colours.

The next section of the shawl calls for wide bands of the contrast colour and narrow bands of the mini skein colours, and I used the same six mini skein colours again.

The colours then switch so that the wider bands are worked in mini skein colours, and I used the remaining six mini skeins.

Finally there’s a narrow edging in the contrast colour.

I had the luxury of knowing that I had leftovers for all of the mini skein colours from another shawl. I didn’t need them, but there are only a couple of meters left of the last colour, so there was a definite feeling of playing yarn chicken.

The shawl hasn’t really been blocked. It had a quick soak and was laid out to dry on blocking mats. At some point I’d like to block this properly to smooth out the cast off edge a little, but other than that I’m thrilled.

Buy the pattern from Robynn.

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