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First a quick recap – if you missed the original post about our design call you can find it here.

Then a huge thank you to everyone who has shared this across social media so far. We’d love as many people as possible to know about this opportunity. We’re trying to reach designers who may not know about us, so every share is very much appreciated.

So a quick update on where we are.

We’ve had a lovely offer from Jeni Reid (find her on instagram and enjoy both the photos and the genius hashtags).

Jeni has offered advice on product photography, or to take some photos for the flyer that will be given out at Yarndale. I know photography often seems like a huge hurdle, so I’m especially grateful for this lovely offer. Thanks Jeni.

Next I should say thank you to everyone who has offered to knit samples for this. I don’t take this offer lightly. Making time is precious and offering to give that up to make a design you haven’t seen yet is generous. Thank you.

We’ve already had a couple of design submissions and they’re awesome. I’m hugely relieved about that because we knew time was tight for this, and it’s been great to see that it’s been workable.

Finally I wanted to share the twitter response from @Yarndale to my tweet announcing the design call.

Yarndale Ltd (@yarndale)Replying to @KnittingGoddess

Brilliant. Great practical support. Look forward to seeing…

There are a couple of questions which have come up a few times so I thought I’d answer them here.

What do you mean by a original design?

We’re looking for a design that hasn’t been published anywhere. So if you’ve got a yet to be published design which would work in our yarn then that counts as original. What we don’t need is for you to start from scratch with a blank page – we know that there are lots of designs in progress out there and one of them might be perfect for us.

Will you keep the sample?

We’ll be displaying the original sample for the design and that will be returned to the designer after the show. If we have time to get samples made in different colours we’ll keep these.

Can I submit a crochet design?

Absolutely. Yarndale is a very crochet friendly festival, and one of the organisers is Lucy from Attic 24. I’m much more of knitter than a crocheter, so I’ve fallen into the trap of taking about knitting when what I should be saying is knitting or crochet. Sorry!

The deadline for submissions is 30th April, so there’s still plenty of time to get involved.

Any questions or comments? Leave a comment here or use the contact us form. Comments on the blog are moderated, so it might take a few hours before you see your comment or query appear.

Many thanks

Joy & Bobbie

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