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It’s with a great deal of sadness that I need to let you know that we’re not going to have the winning design from Lauryn of Lots of Lols Crochet on display at Yarndale.

Having seen both the design submission and the WIP photos that Lauryn sent me I’m still completely in love with the winning design. It’s a beauty and I’m looking forward to promoting the hell out of it when it’s ready.

That ready date won’t be for Yarndale 2019. Life gets in the way of the best of plans and some things are so much more important than a crochet pattern. Neither Lauryn nor I could have anticipated the circumstances that have led to the design being put on hold for a while. It’s the right decision and I’m more than happy to wait.

I’m conscious that Yarndale is less than 3 weeks away and that doesn’t give us a whole pile of time to arrange something else – so we’ve been thinking about the original aim of the design call and if there’s a different way we can still achieve that.

We’re planning to offer a printed list of designs which would work beautifully with our yarns and we’ll give that out to customers at Yarndale. We’ll also put the list online with a link from the mini skeins in the shop. The online list will have space for photos too.

We’re not setting hard and fast rules here – we’d like this to be an opportunity for someone who feels marginalised by the knitting industry. Exclusion happens for many reasons including colour, race, gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, size and financial situation. This is an chance to tip that balance a little. We’re based in the UK, but you don’t have to be.

What we need to include you in the list is your designer name, a link to your patterns and the pattern whose photo you want us to include online. We need this information by 1800 on Friday 20th September.

You can leave the information as a comment here or email us – helloATtheknittinggoddessDOTcoDOTuk

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