Halvis Sweater by Anna Maltz

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I’ve finally chosen the colours for my Halvis sweater. Or at the least the colours for the first version of my Halvis sweater as I see at least a couple of these being wardrobe staples.

Halvis by Anna Maltz. Image Copyright Jeni Reid.

It’s fair to say that this sweater has been on my wish list for a while, and the pattern was released just before Yarndale. The sweater is one of those designs that knitters love because the details are beautiful – and the way the ribs at the bottom and the neck match the stripes makes me ever so happy.

Halvis Sweater by Anna Maltz. Image Copyright Anna Maltz.

The original sweater is knitted in our BFL, silk and alpaca. Anna chose silver and denim, and the result is gorgeous.

I’ve been considering yarn colours for a while. Moving everything in the workshop meant I had a chance to put lots of combinations together.

In the end I went with something very simple.

BFL, silk and alpaca in Wheat and Silver

Perfectly neutral and calm.

My lovely friend and sample knitter Scully has also decided on colours, so today I’ll be putting the finishing touches to a batch of Goldfinch Splodge which she’ll be pairing with black. I’ll post photos of the skeins for that once they’re dry – and I suspect that sweater will be finished before mine is!

If you’d like to make your own Halvis you can find the pattern here.

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