Colour Combinations for Westknits Starflake Shawl

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Putting colours together is one of the best bits of my job. I love combinations that aren’t immediately obvious. Sometimes picking out skeins for an order lets me look at two colours and see how well they look together. Other times it’s seeing the colours in a different context – I’m loving red and bright pink after seeing that combination on Strictly Come Dancing.

When I picked colours for the WestKnits Starflake shawl I wanted something that would be bright. It’s gets pretty grey over the winter and I appreciate a pop of colour.

Starflake Shawl in Hydrangea and Marigold Britsock

I know that picking colours can be tricky and there’s no doubt it’s easier when the yarn is in front of you. So I’ve put together five combinations which would work for the Starflake shawl or any project where you want some contrast.

I’ve picked yarns from the Britsock range just to keep it a little simpler.

Coal and Pearl Britsock

Black and white would be very striking but I prefer something a little less stark. Using coal which has paler sections with pearl still gives lots of contrast (and it’s a little easier to work with than pure black)

Hyacinth and Geranium Britsock

There’s something very summery about these colours – and I love them together. I can imagine picking this colour combination up in winter and enjoying how cheerful it is.

Rose and Wisteria Britsock

This combination is ever so pretty, but with enough punch in the pink to keep it interesting.

Marigold and Hydrangea Britsock

These are the colours I chose – so I thought it would be nice to show them in the same way as the other colour combinations.

Blackened Turquoise and Blackened Yellow Britsock

I love moody colours – and these could be the perfect striped sweater as well as a stunning shawl.

Ready to pick your own colours?

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