Machine Knitting the Halvis Sweater

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There’s no doubt that Anna Maltz is a gem. She’s one of the most generous people I know when it comes to sharing knowledge – and Anna knows a lot of things.

Anna in the Halvis sweater. Image copyright Jeni Reid

Anna is my favourite designer. If I had to only knit patterns from one designer from now on it’s Anna’s work I’d choose – and I’m certain I’d never be bored.

Anna used our BFL, silk and alpaca yarn for her Halvis sweater design, and she mentioned that it could be machine knitted, and that she would jot down some notes.

I expected that I’d get a note of the tension settings that Anna used to get gauge and maybe a couple of lines. I didn’t expect a blog post full of suggestions and background. But that willingness to share is one of many things to love about Anna.

You can find Anna’s blog with the machine knitting hints here

You can find the pattern for Halvis here

You can find the yarn used to knit Halvis here

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