Quick Socks in Hand Dyed DK wool

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Socks are one of my favourite things to knit, especially plain socks where there’s plenty of fairly mindless knitting.

Whitefaced Woodland wool socks in Black and Blue (bottom) and Greenfinch Sploge (top)

I’ve been knitting some winter socks in our Whitefaced Woodland sock yarn. It’s perfect if you want a non nylon sock yarn and provided you use smallish needles (I used a 2.75mm) you’ll end up with hard wearing fabric.

We have a pattern for DK socks – the instructions are for ribbed socks, but the pattern works equally well if you switch to stocking stitch after the first 10 rounds.

The pattern is free and you can find it on Ravelry

The two colour yarns give a subtle stripe effect, while the spoldge yarns are more random.

A single skein should be enough to make sock for size 9 feet as there’s 300 meters in each 100 gram skein.

Take me to the sock yarn.

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