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I’d say that a good 95% of my social media feed this morning is expressing fury, grief and terror about the UK election result. That says a lot about the people I choose to follow. Clearly there are a lot of people who will see this as a good result.

The last few months have been a lesson in how biased the BBC is – and as they’re still seen as a trusted source of news by many it’s been very easy for misinformation to spread. That’s unlikely to change any time soon.

So what now?

It looks like Brexit will happen – and that will have implications for our business. So there’s some more planning to do to make sure that we’re as ready as possible to manage that.

It looks like life won’t get easier for those who are struggling. People who need food banks. People who need the NHS to function. The people who austerity hurt most are going to keep paying. That’s hideous.

1 in 5 adults in the UK lives in poverty. And it gets worse. 1 in 3 children lives in poverty. Those figures seem like they can’t be true – yet they are. England has just voted for 5 more years of the party which got us to this point.

So what now?

The first thing I’d like to do is raise more money for the Trussell Trust. They’re the charity behind most of the food banks. To do this we’ll donate 100% of the proceeds from everything sold on our sale page to the Trussell Trust. For now we’ll leave that in place until the end of December then we’ll think about what works best for 2020.

Then what? Right now I don’t know. I have some ideas about things I could do with my time and ways I could volunteer – and it might be that the most effective thing we can do is keep raising money to support the brilliant work that other organisations are already doing. So that’s something to look at over the next few weeks.

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