Shop Update 30.01.20 - Part 1

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A little while back I asked Louise of WoolWork if she would like to collaborate with us. We wanted to dye some yarn which would raise money and help those affected by the Australian Bushfires.

We talked about possible themes and decided on hope.

That led to Louise sending me this.

Then we got a couple of gloriously colourful images of an Australian galah and a cassowary.

That gave us two colourways.

Australian Galah colourway (shades of pink, grey and pearl)) hand dyed onto Britsock yarnAustralian Galah on BritsockAustralian Galah colourway (shades of dark violet, dark blue, magenta a chestnut) hand dyed onto Britsock yarnCassowary on Britsock

We also dyed up a couple of colourways based on images of the earth on fire and the plant life that’s already sprouting.

Our Planet is On Fire colourway (shades of red, copper, blue and green) hand dyed onto Britsock yarnOur Planet is On Fire on BritsockShoots of Hope colourway (shades of charcoal and green) hand dyed onto Britsock yarnShoots of Hope

These four colourways will be in the shop at 1900 Uk time on Thursday 30th January, so won’t be visible on the site before then.

£10 from each skein sold will be donated to Foodbank Australia. This charity is supporting those affected by the fires and those volunteering. You can find out more here.

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