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This week’s shop update is all about Britsock. Britsock is one of our custom spun yarns and it’s made for us by John Arbon.

First up is a restock of the Superhero Genes colourways. These colourways raise money for Genetic Disorders UK.

Superhero Genes

There’s a whole rainbow of colours which I’d happily describe as moody.

Britsock multi colours

Top of the pile is Ultimate Blackened Rainbow – I’ve had an especially soft spot for this colourway since someone at a show told me that she loved it but wouldn’t buy it because “the gays are misappropriating the rainbows” (and yes, that’s going to be a colourway soon)

Ultimate Blackened Rainbow

For those who like a little less colour we have Black and White.

Black and White Britsock

We’ve restocked the black Britsock too, and it works beautifully with moody colours.

Rainy Days & Mondays and Black Britsock

The shop update goes live at 1900 on Thursday 20th February, so if you are browsing before then you won’t see the yarns listed above.

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