Operation : Social Justice Warrior. Yarns and More.

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The launch of Operation : Social Justice Warrior (OSJW) is less than 24 hours away.

As the lovely Angie of Gamer Crafting tweeted earlier

#OperationSJW launches tomorrow! I know many of us are scared, but the charities all these small yarn businesses are fundraising for are going to need us more than ever”

We’re raising funds for Stonewall.

So – the yarns.

First up is Rainbows and Dark Days dyed onto our much loved Britsock base.

Rainbows and Dark Days on Britsock

Then the same colourway plus a neon version on our new Moonbroch base.

Rainbows and Dark Days on Moonbroch
Neon Rainbows and Dark Days on Moonbroch

If you’re not 100% sure how you’d use a fluffy laceweight yarn I’ve knitted up a couple of samples.

On The Edge Shawl
Close up of On The Edge Shawl
Cast off in Picot is one of my favourite things

The shawl was worked with a stand of Moonbroch and a strand of 4ply BFL, silk and alpaca help together. I used 6.5mm needles and followed the pattern as written for 4ply yarn. This pattern also appears in Knit The Rainbow

buy the individual pattern

My second sample also used a skein of Moonbroch and a skein of BFL, silk and alpaca.

After The Rain Brioche CowlNeatly folded.
Close Up.

I didn’t make any changes to needle size for this – and there’s very little difference to the finished size. I suspect that difference would block out, but I haven’t done that yet. This pattern is in Knit The Rainbow and the Moonbroch is used instead of mini skeins.

buy the individual pattern now

Finally there’s some self striping sock yarn. We’ve added a new British BFL and nylon base to our range and this is the first dyeing we’ve done on it.

The yarn is 70% superwash BFL, 30% nylon. The wool comes from British flocks and the yarn is processed and spun in Yorkshire.

There are 350 meters in each 100 yarn cake – so it’s a little thicker than our previous yarn. I love this for socks as I think it makes it easier to get a nice tight gauge without knitting on wire.

I’ve knitted a sock.

Self Striping BFL Nylon Sock in Neon Rainbows and Dark Days

This is a plain 64 stitch sock knitted on 2mm needles. Having the longer runs of dark made it really easy to keep the stitch sequence right – the only thing I did was to miss the multicoloured section which came just after the heel turn.

There are five colourways available in this base – and I’ve shown how the colour order works by wrapping yarn round a notebook.

Self Striping Blue Skies and Dark Days
Self Striping Bright Spells and Dark Days
Self Striping Flowers and Dark Days
Self Striping Neon Rainbows and Dark Days
This is the colourway the sock is knitted in.Self Striping Rainbows and Dark Days

A quick work about how we’re managing dyeing for OSJW – we’d like to make sure that we get orders turned round quickly. If there’s disruption to the postal service because of COVID-19 we don’t want sack loads of parcels caught up in it. So the only yarn we’ll take preorders for is the Britsock because we have a stock of the base yarn in the workshop. Once we have more stock of the Moonbroch base we’ll reassess and may dye more. We won’t be dyeing more of the self striping before the end of the month.

And finally – just in case you’d like something other than yarn Bobbie has been creating some fabulous new badges. Hand cast from Jesmonite these are the perfect way to tell the world just how awesome you are.

The update with everything in it goes live at 1200 UK time on Sunday 15th March.

To make it easy to find things we’ll list everything in the NEW section of the website – if you’re browsing before then you won’t see the OSJW yarns.

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