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  1. Stash Busting

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    I’m not a huge fan of making a list of resolutions at the start of the year. The start of January seems tough enough without a list of things which must be improved on.

    So I decided that I’d do my best to knit up all of the sock club colourways this year. That will give me 24 pairs of socks. To date I’m 3 1/2 pairs in, so that’s going well.

    The other thing that I decided to aim for was some sewing. I’m very good at buying fabrics and then deciding that they should wait for a while until my sewing skills get better. When I reorganised my workroom, my fabric stash was rehomed from several boxes, so now I can see what I actually have. What I have is several (Nine is several. Honest. And some of it belongs to Bobbie.) shelves filled with fabric and it’s time that some of it got used. If only to make space on the shelves for the fabric that I bought last time we were in London…….

    I started sewing again because I struggled to find the kind of clothes I wanted. There seems to be a conspiracy to embellish things, and what I want is simple things. Something as comfy as pyjamas but with a touch more elegance.

    So first up is a very simple top in a fleecy fabric – I’m going to live in this until it gets warmer.


    I was sure I’d only bought 2 meters of this fabric, but for some reason there was a whole lot left. Enough for a fleecy tunic too.


    This is a knock off of a top which I bought from Toast. I loved the style but the facing on the original neck doesn’t sit nicelt and the fabric hasn’t worn well. So having a version that I’m happier with is a real bonus. Pockets are an extra bonus. And because fleece is bulky I’ve managed to reclaim half of a shelf.

    All that nice neutral fabric just needs a pop of colour from a bit of knitting.