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  1. Shop Update 12.01.17 - Two Flocks Yarn

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    This week’s update is all about our new Two Flocks yarn.

    Spun from a 50/50 blend of Poll Dorest and BFL this yarn is luscious.

    Both flocks are from North Yorkshire, and the fleece was processed and spun in Cornwall.

    So it’s very much in keeping with our aim of UK wool.

    Each skein is 100g / 225m and costs £18.50

    There are 10 semi solid colours.














    Electric Blue







    Then there are the first two colours from our collaboration with KnitBritish


    Rusty Door 1


    Sea Urchin

    There are 5 skeins of  Rusty Door 1 and Sea Urchin- and once they’re gone we won’t be dyeing them on this yarn base again, so you have the chance to own something extra special.

    The shop update takes place at 1900 this evening.

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  2. Two Flocks Yarn

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    Over the last couple of days I’ve talked about our new Yorkshire yarn, and shared photos of the first colours from our collaboration with KnitBritish.

    Today I want to talk about the actual yarn.


    Two Flocks yarn is made up of fleece from 2 flocks.

    50% of it is Poll Dorset from the Fourways Dorset Flock

    50% of it is Bluefaced Leicester from the Riggmoor Reindeer Flock.

    Both flocks are local to us – less than 20 minutes away by car.

    Once the fleece was shorn it was sent to The Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall where it was turned into yarn.


    The yarn is a DK weight and each stand is made up of 4 plies – so 4 thin strands twisted together to make a thicker one. The yarn has been worsted spun, which means that it highlights the lustre of the yarn. In turn that means it has amazing stitch definition.

    The yarn isn’t superwash treated, so you’re going to want to hand wash whatever you make with this.

    There’s a gorgeous bounce to this yarn – and it’s beautifully soft. I’ve tested this on the two fussiest people I know when  it comes to wool (hello Bobbie and Lily) – and we watched in delight while Lily buried her face in the skein.

    I’d reach for this yarn for hats, shawls, cowls – anything where I wanted softness and a bit of structure. I’ll confess that I’ve already dyed up a batch which is earmarked to become a jumper for me.

    Each skein weighs 100 grams and has 225 meters of yarn – so a single skin will make a hat or mitts, and a couple would make a wonderfully generous shawl.

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