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  1. New Britsock Neutral Yarn Colours

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    As lockdown 2 starts in England we wanted to take a quick minute to explain what will happen with The Knitting Goddess over the next 4 weeks. We're the only people in the workshop (and actually most days I'm the only person in the workshop as Bobbie works from home). In turn that means I can keep going to work.

    We're taking extra care packing parcels - so handwashing before we start packing and again if we get interrupted for anything. The only people near your yarn are Bobbie and I. We don't have visitors to the workshop.

    Our post is collected daily, so we can get orders out quickly. Right now Royal mail is doing an amazing job and most parcels are arriving in 1-2 days for the UK.  We've got goos atocl of our yarn bases, the mills we deal with are still open and as all of our suppliers are UK based we're not suffering from delays as stock has to clear customs.

    With all of that in mind we wanted to make sure that this weeks update was full of the neutral colours which work well with colours you might already have in your yarn stash.

    britsock coal 1 hand dyed British yarn with BFL Wensleydale alpaca and nylo

    britsock baby elephant 1 hand dyed British yarn with BFL Wensleydale alpaca

    britsock icicle hand dyed British yarn with BFL Wensleydale alpaca and nylo

    Our Britsock base is a real favourite- and it's the perfect yarn for many things. Strong enough for socks and soft enough to snuggle into this amazing yarn is spun by John Arbon. It's a blend of British BFL, Wensleydale, alpaca and nylon. 

    If you'd like lots of smaller amounts of colour then colourwheels are just the thing. We restcoked the Printer Ink Shades and added a new Hydrangea colourway too.

    britsock shades colour wheel hand dyed British yarn with BFL Wensleydale al

    britsock hydrangea colour wheel hand dyed British yarn with BFL Wensleydale

    Find all of the Britsock here

  2. Different Stitch Patterns for Self Striping Sock Yarns

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    There's something about self striping sock yarns that lends itself perfectly to vanilla socks. Watching the stripes grow in a pleasingly regular repeat makes it easy to work just a round or two more.

    self stripe sock image 2

    Simple. And yet very satisfying.

    Our self striping sock yarns have a long length of the main colour, then much shorter lengths of three colours. I wondered what would happen if I knitted all of the stitches when I was working with the main colour and purled the other stitches. The result? - caterpillar socks.


    self stripe sock image 3

    If you look at the foot of the front sock you can just see that I deceided I'd prefer less texture on the sole, so once the heel was turned I knitted all of the sole stitches regardless of the colour I was working with.

    self stripe sock image 9

    The same stitch pattern in a different colourway. I'm pretty sure that blocking would even out the stitch differences where I went between needles - and now that I know these stitches tend to be a little looser it's easy to compensate.

    self stripe sock image 5

    I knit 4ply socks on 64 stitches, so any pattern repeat with 8 stitches fits in well. Here I knitted in the main colour and slipped every 8th stitch when working with the contrast colour. On the next stripe I worked the slip stitches 4 stitches further on so the slip stitches are staggered. I didn't worry about working complete rounds of slip stitches and let the colour dictate when I went back to plain knitting.

    self stripe sock image 10

    Again you could choose to work the sole plain if you want to minimise texture in that area.

    self stripe sock image 8

    The last sample I played with with a 6 by 2 rib. There's a subtle dufference to the look, and ribbed socks tend to be that little bit snugger. I even managed to sneak in a 1 by 1 and 2 by 2 rib on the ends to check which I'd prefer for ribbed socks - and 2 by 2 rib works beautifully.

    Want to cast on your own self striping socks? Find the yarn here.