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  1. New Superhero Genes Colours on Moonbroch Yarn

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    It turns out there are lots of people who love blue just as much as I do. When we added a sock yarn in a set of superhero genes colours several sold out fast. We'll be dyeing more of these when the next batch of sock yarn arrives.

    For now, there's something rather special.

    moonbroch superhero genes group kid mohair silk fluffy hand dyed yarn indie

    Superhero Genes dyed onto our Moonbroch base

    Moonbroch is luscious stuff. It's a blend of kid mohair and silk, spun so that the mohair forms a haze round the silk core. The silk core produces a yarn with plenty of strength, so the yarn can be used on its own or combined with other yarns where the mohair will contribute a gentle haze of fluff.

    As always with our Superhero Genes colours we're donating 50% of the proceeds from these to Genetic Disorders UK. 

    The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted an addition to the Superhero Genes lineup - Midnight Blue.

    moonbroch superhero genes midnight blue kid mohair silk haze hand dyed yarn

    Darker than a navy this would be stunning paired with a black yarn so you'd geta slight colour shift.

    moonbroch superhero genes navy blue kid mohair silk haze hand dyed yarn ind

    Superhero Genes Navy Blue

    moonbroch superhero genes steel blue kid mohair silk haze hand dyed yarn in

    Superhero Genes Steel Blue

    moonbroch superhero genes slate blue kid mohair silk haze hand dyed yarn in

    Superhero Genes Slate Blue

    moonbroch superhero genes phantom blue kid mohair silk haze hand dyed yarn

    Superhero Genes Phantom Blue

    The Superhero Genes colours - and more - will be in the shop update on Thursday 4th June at 1900 so if you're browsing before then they won't be visible. moonbroch superhero genes group kid mohair silk fluffy hand dyed yarn indie

  2. Colour Combinations

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    One of my favourite bits of my job is putting colours together. Sometimes that's so I can dye wildly coloured skeins. More often it's helping customers find the perfect contrast to a yarn they've fallen in love with.

    We've just launched a new range of laceweight colours and I've picked out a few of my favourite combinations. 



    moonbow wisteria shaded hellebore shaded hydrangea

    This reminds me of a bunch of flowers, and I love how bright the wisteria looks against theother colours.


    moonbow hellebore shaded hellebore shaded hydrangea

    All the greens - there's something very soothing about this combination of colours.

    Moonbow hellebore, wisteria, shaded wisteria

    Another floral combination - this time with more flowers and less foliage. There's something very pretty about this.


    Moonbow hydrangea, rose,geranium

    I love colour combimations with lots of contrast. The mix of warm and cool colours really makes the hydrangea pop.

    moonbow marigold, hyacinth, bluebell

    Confession time - I'm always ging to love the blues more that anything else I dye. Adding the marigold makes everything look brighter, and I can see these three as an amazing summer shawl.


    moonbow pearl silver coal black marigold

     This would be an epic project - a fade with a pop of marigold. If golds and yellows aren't your thing any of the other colours would work too, and one of the shaded colours would be a more subtle choice.

    What colours would you love to put together? What would be your dream project?

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