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  1. Introducing Moonbroch

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    Our new mohair and silk yarn has a name.

    Moonbroch is an old Scots term meaning a haze or halo which surrounds the moon.

    I need to thank LJ of Rusty Ferret Yarn for the name – it’s absolutely perfect. She’s good at names – just check out some of the gems on her new British BFL Masham base.

    Thank you to everyone who made suggestions – it’s very much appreciated.


    The first batch of the new yarn is scheduled to be in the shop on Thursday at 1900. As the first batch was a small trial run we’re going to give newsletter subscribers the first chance to buy it. The newsletter will go out on Wednesday about 1400, then yarn that’s left will be added to the main shop for the update. If you’d like to get the newsletter sign up before 1300 tomorrow to make sure you’re on the list.

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  2. Help Us Name This Fluff

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    We’re adding a new yarn base to the shop – and the first few skeins which we dyed as samples will be available in the next shop update.

    It’s gorgeously fluffy stuff – the blend of kid mohair and silk is beautifully soft and it dyes like a dream. It’s a laceweight yarn with 420 meters to each 50g skein. At the moment I’m knitting with a strand of this and our BFL, silk and alpaca, and it’s making me very happy.

    We’d like to give it a name – and yes, we’re very tempted by fluffy mcfluff face. But a shorter name would be better as it needs to go on all the shop listings.So – help us come up with a name. It needs to be ten letters or less.

    Leave your suggestions below and if we use one of them then the person who suggested it will win the fluffy skein of their choice – so also tell us which colour you’d like. The prize can be shipped worldwide.

    Colours are
    Top – teal
    Middle – plum and navy
    Bottom – black, violet and bramble

    We’ll pick a winner at 1800 on Tuesday 3rd March, so I’ll have time to put the new name on the labels before it goes on sale.

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