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  1. Soothing Salve

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    It's fair to say that my job is tough on my hands. I spend lots of time with my hands in water or handling damp yarn, and unless I'm careful my hands suffer. Given the extra hand washing and hand sanitising that we're all doing right now I suspect there are a fair few people whose hands aren't happy.

    I hate having dry, rough bits on my hands. They catch and make knitting less pleasurable. I've worked by way through several creams before finsing something that worked for me. Soothing salve.  

    I'm a huge fan of this salve becuse it soaks in fast leaving my hands clean to get on with whatever I want to do next. The texture is perfect for me - solid in the tin, but melting on contact with your skin (cocoa butter is brilliant stuff). It's great on dry skin anywhere, but it's my hands that I love this for most. 

    Then there's the smell. I put salve on my hands several times a day and I don't want something with a strong perfume. You can smell the lavender and tea tree in this but it's subtle. So you can moisturise your hands then have a mug of tea without feeling you are drinking some weird floral concoction.

    We're adding this salve to our product range because we love it. Simple as that. We'll be donating 50% of the proceeds from each tub sold to The Trussell Trust (they're behind most of the UK foodbanks). Charities are struggling right now, and as lots of us are also struggling there's more call than ever for their services. So passing on 50% for each tin sold seems like a good way to go. 

    We launched these on Wednesday in an email to our newsletter subscribers, and there was instant love for this. We sent lots of these out as gifts (we pop a card in to say who the parcel is from and leave out the invoice). That means £600 raised for the Trussell Trust and we sent that off this morning. 

    This salve is made by hand in the UK  by a small team who only make vegan friendly products. Salves are supplied in aluminium tins so are 100% plastic free. There's no palm oil either.  

    So what's in the tin? 

    Sweet Almond Oil which is moisturising, and perfect for sensitive skin and helps protect against UV skin damage

    Cocoa Butter which is moisturising and gives the salve its great texture.  

    Vitamin E is a nourishing, protective & powerful antioxidant which is easily absorbed into the skin. 

    Chamomile Essential Oil is great for calm and relaxation. A baby friendly oil for the softest skin. 

    Calendula Essential Oil is kind to sensitive skin, used to soothe redness and swelling. 

    Lavender Essential Oil is used for calm, focus, memory and concentration. 

    Tea Tree Essential Oil is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory.

    There's a full list of every ingredient in the listing on the website.

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  2. Update Highlight Needle Gauges

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    When we first introduced our wooden needle gauges they were an immediate hit. Now they’re back and they’re even better.

    Walnut wood needle gauge

    Isn’t that solid walnut gorgeous?

    Our needle gauges still fit into neat little tins. They swivel open in a pleasing way.

    You’ll find needle gauges as part of this Thursday’s shop update. Make sure you never miss an update by signing up for our newsletter.